We were tasked to create an experience for the national leaders conference, which informed the leadership of Aetna and CVS of all of the things that Aetna does right, but (more importantly) wrong with their members. It was premiered the he first year that the conference was held jointly with leadership from Aetna and CVS. What we came up with was The Path to Better Health – an interactive immersion game that brings Aetna┬« member experiences to life.

Using a mix of interactive video, audio, and a physical board, we created a journey through the day-to-day challenges of four unique members, to show how different decisions and circumstances affect their perception of Aetna.

As a companion to the board game, we designed a digital “Game master” which runs the players through a series of scenarios and videos that really bring the experience to life. We did many rounds of user testing to make the app as straightforward and easy to operate for 4 players to pick up and have the experience with no prior training or knowledge.

As the players roll their dice and move around the game board, they choose in the app which space they land on which furthers their story in dealing with their health event. You can experiment with the experience (minus the multimedia and of course the game board) below.

The project was a resounding success. You can see some results below. In 2019 we submitted the project to the 59th annual Hatch awards, where we won an award for Corporate Communications.