LumiraDX App

In my time at LumiraDx I worked on their Electronic Health Record product, which was an iPad/iPhone/Web based application to share patient information across several organizations, and gave doctors and nurses tools to manage the care of those patients.

The primary function of the app was to connect doctors and patients to their results. The doctors had the ability to map results, visually compare them over time, and design custom care plans to enroll members into with specific comorbidities.


We worked closely with an panel of doctors, nurses, and administrators to ensure the user experience was in line with their expected workflows, and that the product was intuitive and easy to use.

There was also a patient facing app which allowed them to message their doctors, get their results, and manage their conditions in a friendly, simple interface.


These products connected into their larger ecosystm, which gathered results from their blood testing devices and shared them both with the patient and their care providers.