Design System

There was an, but it wasn’t the best. It didn’t tell a story, it wasn’t on brand, it wasn’t even user-friendly. So we did a major update to give it a new look, feel, and story. We redesigned and restructured, top to bottom, making sure to keep users first. That way every time a member visits, they get what they need.

We began the process with collecting feedback and historical analytics from our current web experience. Where were the pain points? What were people coming to the site trying to do? What was stopping them from doing that? We partnered closely with our usability and data analytics teams within the enterprise to come up with a detailed set of consumer profiles, and user journeys.

From there, we came up with several moodboards for the site based on our audiences. worked internally with our stakeholders, and eventually landed on a new design system that was aligned to the new brand: friendly, easy to use, and puts the needs of the consumer first.

But we didn’t stop there. The new branding evolved into a design system that had to be flexible, so we built a content management system that supports over 50 sites and 6 brands. This allowed for new websites that were rapidly deploy-able, quickly editable, and easily changeable.

We also had to make the system easy for designers. So we built a robust Component library in Sketch which reduced our prototyping time by 75% according to internal surveys done with our design team.