Design System


Enhance the current digital experience and create stronger integration between existing properties around behavioral health.

Make available to the public stronger and more compelling Behavioral Health information and select tools/resources to build brand recognition and favorability as a trusted leader. Enhance the current experience for members who have medical / Behavioral Health and Aetna EAP so they have seamless online access.
Originally, the ask was to provide webpage templates to the Aetna Behavioral Health team and then they would use those templates to build the Behavioral Health user experience, combining several digital properties.

As a first step, we did a full content audit of the current digital property to get a full picture at the entirety of the content going into the new site.


Since we are combining multiple digital properties, we mapped out the login process and various routes a user could take getting in to the site.


We looked at the sitemap and userflow, and determined what page templates were needed to cover all of the different types of content that would live on the site.

From here, we began our design exploratory, doing rough wireframes for each of the template pages, to ensure we accounted for all the content that we want to live on that page, before we take the time to design it fully.

Once we had sign off on the user flow, sitemap, and wireframes, we moved into the design phase. Adding in actual content, styling, and images into the wireframes and building out the first real impressions of what the site will look like live.

The entire time we were designing the site, we were keeping in mind mobile layouts, and for each page we designed, we did a layout for tablet and mobile as well as desktop resolutions.